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Tenaya Lodge

It’s 7:31 on Sunday morning and it feels so weird not to be at the schoolhouse! Instead, I’m at a mountain wonderland called Tenaya Lodge just outside of Yosemite with my sister Melanie, who cleverly managed to get invited for a free weekend. We’ve explored the new spa, Ascent, which is gorgeous, learned about the […]

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Steve and I have been very lucky. We’ve been married for 16 years. In that time we’ve made it through a move to (and four years in) Knoxville, Tennessee, a year in British Columbia, major career changes, the death of both my parents and his dad, divorces among family and friends. The Schoolhouse is a […]

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One of my frustrations with all the cabinet choices we’ve seen so far is the finish. They all feel (and some look) like plastic, but ordering them unfinished voids the warranty. I’m also frustrated by the fact that all you can get at a reasonable price is wood (paint kicks you into a different price […]

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